Discover Hirado

An invitation to the
exquisite Hirado Island
for your stay at the castle

Excitement will ruch through your body as you cross the vermillion Hirado Bridge.
An island lavish with history, nature, and food, that goes beyond any concept of a vacation, will stimulate the sensitivity of anyone that stops by.

“It’s like entering a new world while still being in Japan”.

The island rich with unchanged beauty of nature, leaves out no detail of its matured culture and story.
Here, the past blends in so well with the present and abundant with the strength to live on for generations to come.

Hirado consists
of the main Hirado Island
and several
surrounding islands.

In the Age of discovery in the 17th century, Hiradoisland appeared as “Firando” on European maps. Hirado Island stretches from north to south and separated from mainland Kyushu by the Hirado Strait. It is Japan’s first-ever European trade port, and is where exchanges between Holland and Japan began almost 400 years ago. Reminders of European trade can be seen through churches, historical landmarks, and culinary arts.

Experience of harmony
between history,
culture and nature

In July 2018, Kasuga Village and Mt. Yasumandake, and Nakaenoshima Island were recognized as World Cultural Heritages as a part of the “Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region”, which certifies that this is a place with history of Christian faith. 1/5 of the island being part of the Saikai National Park, a short drive will take you to breathtaking viewpoints of clear blue seas and majestic nature. You won’t be able to put your camera down. One of the best parts of going to an island is eating fresh seafood, treat your eyes and tastebuds to the many island treasures. We promise they won’t let you down.


An Exotic Castle Town

Experience the
history of Hirado

Christianity has taken a rare course in history, in this place where it originated in Nagasaki. Ever since priest Francis Xavier started his missionary work, believers have converted, been persecuted, went into hiding, and reemerged. You can come across many cathedrals and churches that were places of prayer. Among the 12 sites recognized as World Heritage sites, are hidden Christian Villages where Christians continued to practice under strong suppression, and an uninhabited island where the Hirado Clan took the Christians for execution in the early days of persecution. Much of their untold stories attract attention from all over the world. Sites such as the Matsura Historical Museum located at the former residence of the lord, Matsura family, the teahouse within its grounds, that tell the valuable history of the small island are also highlights of the area.


Breathtaking scenery

Get in touch with
Hirado’s Nature

Hirado Island is a popular tourist destination, where power of nature can be felt through many stunning sites. The panoramic view from the peak of Kyushu’s famous plains of “Kawachi-toge,” the “Obae lighthouse” standing 100m high on a cliff at the northernmost point of Ikitsuki island, and an exhilarating drive along the “sunset way” with the view of the vast open sea, are just few of them. The cobalt blue ocean that spreads before the eyes or the rice terraces and mountains changing its taste by the pass of time, will make you forget about time and indulge in the comfort and the beauty of each season.

Blessings from the Land and Sea and Unique Sweets Culture

Enjoy the Cuisines of Hirado

Hirado is a treasure trove of resources, with its blessed land environment.
Boasting leading volume of landings of natural flounder with thick meat and sweet taste, it also offers Hirado beef with exquisite fat-to-meat balance, luxurious saw-edged perch, lavish fan lobster, and flying fish familiar among locals, and much more. It is also known for its unique sweets culture. “The Book of 100 sweets” was compiled in the Edo era by order of the Lord, and some of these sweets can be found in sweets shops today, such as the traditional “Casdose.”